Flat Piece

Sound piece in collaboration with Sculptor Johannes Weckl commissioned by Sandra and Avram Berkson for Die Andere Seite project space in Vienna.

What I found interesting was the notion of the discarded, unwanted marble becoming the source material for my sound piece. I manipulated these “leftover” sounds and used them as the basis for my composition, all the while unaware of the final formal attributes of the sculpture. One of my intentions was to sonically recreate the environment in which Johannes created the marble sculpture, since through the recordings I had an idea of the spatial dimensions of the studio. I also wanted to play off of the idea of movement, both within the actual process of sculpting and through the manipulation of sounds in the composition, creating an interplay between perceived movement and sense memory.

I also found it interesting how the density of the marble was equal to the pitch of the chisel strikes and how the frequency changes along the same lines as the sculpture progresses, the thinner the sculpture, the higher the pitch. I created loops with the different pitches of the marble samples and correlated this looping to the circling walk conversation that Johannes and Thea Hoffmann-Axthelm had about Flat Piece.